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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


by Trevor Morris

  1. You can use the Marquee tool [M] (or Polygonal Lasso [L]) to drag a selection outline from one document into another. Tip: Hold the Shift key down (after initiating the drag - after clicking with the left mouse button) to have the selection centered in the destination document.
  2. When dragging selections or layers from one document to another, hold down the Shift to have them centered on the destination canvas. Note: If the source and destination documents are the same size (dimensions), the dragged elements are placed in the same relative position as they were in the original document (instead of being placed in the center of the canvas). Note: If the destination canvas contains a selection, the dragged item will be placed into the center of the selection.
  3. To drag multiple layers between documents, first link them together, then use the Move tool [V] to drag them from one document window into the other. Note: You cannot drag multiple layers from the Layers palette [F7] (Window » Show Layers) into another document (even if they are linked together) - this will only move the selected layer.
  4. A fast way to combine several layers into a group is to first link them together, then select Group Linked [Ctrl+G] (Layer » Group Linked). You may then unlink the layers if you wish. Note: You can also Merge [Ctrl+E] (Layer » Merge Down) multiple visible layers using the same technique (because, the Merge Down command becomes Merge Linked [Ctrl+E] (Layer » Merge Linked) when the current layer is linked to other layers).
  5. Here is a slick way to rearrange (reorder) multiple layers simultaneously (within the Layers palette): Group [Ctrl+G] (Layer » Group with Previous) the desired layers together, drag the group (up or down) into its new position within the Layers palette, and then UnGroup [Ctrl+Shift+G] (Layer » Ungroup) them again.
  6. To create a duplicate image of the currently selected history state or snapshot (Window »Show History):

• click the New Document button

• choose New Document from the History palette menu

• drag-and-drop the current state (or snapshot) onto the New Document button

• right-click on the desired state (or snapshot) and select New Document from the context menu

  1. Drag a history state from the History palette (Window » Show History) of the current image into any other image window to replace the contents of the destination image.
  2. Alt-click on any history state (other than the current, most recent state), to duplicate it. The duplicated state becomes the current (most recent) state.
  3. Alt-drag an action step to create a duplicate.
To duplicate the current document without being prompted for a name (and have "copy" automatically appended to the filename), hold the Alt key and choose Image » Duplicate.

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