Photoshot Tutorial Video


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


by Trevor Morris

  1. To draw a straight line with any paint tool, click on the image, move the mouse, and then Shiftclick – Photoshop will join the two points with a straight line using the current tool.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key at any time to access the Move tool [V]. Use Ctrl+Alt to drag a duplicate of the current layer or selection.
  3. Press the Space Bar to access the Hand tool [H] at any time.
  4. Access the Zoom tool [Z] at any time by holding Ctrl+Space to zoom in, and Alt+Space to zoom out.
  5. Zoom in and out by using Ctrl+Plus ( + ) and Ctrl+Minus ( - ), respectively: have the window resize to fit by also holding down the Alt key (Ctrl+Alt+Plus and Ctrl+Alt+Minus). Very Useful! Note: You may also have the document window zoom to fit while using the Zoom tool [Z] by enabling "Resize Windows to Fit" in the Options palette.
  6. Hold down the Alt key when selecting a color with the Eyedropper tool [ I ] to define a background color.
  7. Use the Color Sampler tool [Shift+I ] with the help of the Info palette [F8] (Window » Show Info) to monitor color changes in the current image. The before / after color values are displayed next to their respective color sampler number (i.e. # 1). Specify the sampler color mode via the pop-up menu on the Info palette [F8] (Window » Show Info). To add a new color sampler simply click anywhere on the canvas (with the Color Sampler tool [Shift+I ]). Remove a sampler by Alt-clicking on it. Note: You may only have a maximum of four color samplers per image. Tip: To use the Color Sampler tool from within a dialog window (such as Levels, Curves, etc.), hold down the Shift key. Alt+Shift-click on a sampler to delete it.
  8. While the Measure tool [U] is pretty handy for measuring distances (especially on a diagonal), you can also use it to measure angles (like a protractor). Make sure the Info palette [F8] (Window » Show Info) is visible. Select the Measure tool [U]: click and drag to draw a line. Hold down the Alt key and drag a second line out from one of the end nodes (note the angle and lengths of the two lines in the Info palette). Tip: Move a measure line by dragging it with the Measure tool [U] (you may even reposition the endpoints independently). Delete a measure line (or protractor) by dragging it off the canvas.
  9. Ctrl-click a tool icon in the toolbar to reset the tool to its default settings.
  10. Increase / decrease the brush size for the current paint tool using the left / right square bracket keys ( [ / ] ), respectively.
  11. The Eyedropper tool [ I ] (in Photoshop 6) allows you to copy the hexadecimal value of a color to the Clipboard. Simply right-click over the desired color (in the image window) and choose Copy Color as HTML from the context menu. You may then paste the color value into your favorite editor.

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