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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hone your Photoshop Skills

Author: Joesph Till

Photoshop skills relates to the knowledge of using the tools and techniques of Photoshop to get maximum benefits and achieve best output. Once we master the techniques of using the daily use tools of Photoshop we can get started and gradually learn other high end Photoshop skills which can result in optimizing our output quality. Photoshop is such a powerful application that even very expert and continuous users tend to find more and more new techniques to improve their photography.

The most popular Photoshop skills necessary for quality enhancement of imaging are:

Making an optimum selection: This is one of the most fundamental Photoshop skills which is necessary for controlling part of the image requiring adjustment. Photoshop offers various tools for making selections in its applications for editing of images. Since Photoshop offers various tools to do the selection, choosing the most suitable tool is also a challenging task. Professionals use different set of tools for a single selection to get optimum results. Feathering and adjusting selections for sharper edges relates to pixel adjustments over the edges to make it more suitable to the eyes.

Adjusting color and Tone of the Image: This is a basic Photoshop skill which will give a totally improved look to your image. To interpret the color perfectly in a photograph we need to see the strong black and white in the images. Levels can be used to set black and whit in photographs. It is recommended to use adjustments layer to adjust photographs as it leaves the original photograph unchanged for future reference. After adjusting the blacks and whites in photograph you have to fix the midtone using the curves adjustment option. These few simple adjustments improve the color quality of the photo a lot.

Removing imperfections: With the help and use of retouching tools such as Rubber Stamp, clone tool and the handy spot healing brush all imperfections such as an unwanted object or a spot can easily be removed from the photograph. Learning this Photoshop skill will make one master of the photographic art.

Sharpening the image: The images clicked from a digital camera needs sharpening as they tend to get soft while converting from analog to digital. Although there is a sharpening feature inbuilt in the camera but additional selective sharpening is also required to get the best results. The unsharp mask option of Photoshop provides the best tool for sharpening of images. There are options for controlling the intensity and scope of sharpening. Sharpening of Images must be done after making other adjustments and after resizing the image for final output because size of the image is very important for its resolution quality.

Photoshop skill is a skill which is not very common and many people are not master of this skill. So having Photoshop skill can put one above competition in a scenario requiring artistic background. Photoshop skill can be put to work to earn money or even livelihood for families as this is in great demand in today’s world. It needs practice for mastering Photoshop skills.

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