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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photoshop and Photography

Author: felix

photoshop,a new software that has revolutionalised the photographic industry with its digital imaging and other editing software The advances in digital image handling now allow for endless possibilities in the area of improving photographs through restoration of old and worn-out pictures

What types of improvements are possible by retouching photographs with Photoshop?


Embarrassing skin blemishes like acne or scars can easily be removed using the retouching tools available in Adobe Photoshop. You can learn these Photoshop techniques in minutes.

Print Damage

When a picture get old and worn out it can be scanned and a little retourching added to remove the tears and wears that has affected the photograph over the years.this is one of the areas where photoshop comes in can also use it to restore the colors that have faded from the picture over time

Making Correction

one of the most frustrating moment when taking a picture is to learn later that either your mouth was wide opened or you were closing your eyes when the bird flew out of the picture.well this is no problem for a skilled user of photoshop you can easily reopen the eyes or closed the mouth whichever case it might be and no one will ever know.

Removing Unwanted Subjects

another magic the photoshop can do for you is to remove object or subject you feel are not necessary needed in the picture.for instance with photoshop you can easily remove a person from a group of persons in a picture and it will get unnoticed

with the advent of photoshop photographers have never had it so easy with editing or retourching of their photograph,when it comes to opening closed eyes,mouth,remove blemishes and marks, color changing,restoration of old to new photograph .etc photoshop has become a darling to photographers world wide.

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