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Monday, April 6, 2009

Making "Colored Ball" in Photoshop

In this simple, easy to follow tutorial, you will learn how to accomplish these simple yet amazing feats of Photoshop artistry:

1. Open a small file in Photoshop - say 40 pixels by 40 pixels, by selecting from the Photoshop menu bar File > New.

Create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. (If the Layers palette is not open, select Window/Layers)

2. Use the marquee tool to draw a circle. Click and hold on the marquee tool to reveal the elliptical Marquee tool.

Double check the Options bar to make sure that the Elliptical Marquee Tool is set to anti-aliased.

You can constrain the marquee to a perfect circle by holding down the SHIFT tool as you drag the marquee tool. Make the circle a little smaller than the file (so that you'll have room for a drop shadow).

3. Select the Gradient Tool from the toolbar, by clicking and holding the Paint Bucket Tool to reveal the Gradient Tool.

Next, click on the Gradient Editor in the Options Bar.

You'll be creating a new gradient. To add a new color to the gradient, click just below the gradient preview.

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Next, click on the color stop to change the color to whatever color you'd like. For the colored ball, create a gradient that goes from white to red to black. To save the gradient in the Gradient Editor dialog, click the New button and then the Save button to save your current set of gradients.

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4. In order to apply the gradient, change the gradient type to radial in the Photoshop options bar.

Next, drag the gradient tool from the upper left corner of the document to the lower right corner.

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Congratulations! You've created a new gradient and a ball with dimension. The next step is learning how to add a drop shadow to your image.

5. Make sure you have the layer with the colored ball on it selected. Click the Layer Effects button at the bottom of the Layers Palette. The Layers Effect dialog will open. Click Drop Shadow on the left side of the dialog box and change these settings: Opacity: 50%; Distance: 3px; Size: 2pixels.

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Voila! There you have it ! A simple colored ball icon. Want to shrink it? Select Image/Image Size and change the pixel value to a smaller number. You never want to size something larger because you'll end up with a poor quality image.

One last tip - you can create consistent images with different colors in 2 simple steps. First, duplicate the layer with the colored ball on it by right-clicking on the red colored ball layer and selecting Duplicate Layer. Next, Select Image/Adjust/Hue-Saturation (or use Ctrl+U on Windows, Command+U on the Mac). Drag the Hue slider until you find a new color you like. Go wild!

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