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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Create a DVD Photo album for party using PowerPoint

By: ItAngelet

Troubled by how to arrange the photos in an apple-pie order, or how to share it in a convenient way? Use the photo album feature of PowerPoint 2007 to resolve it.

Use the photo album feature of PowerPoint 2007. Just four mouse clicks to burn the PPT to DVD. Create a memorable DVD Photo album for party using PowerPoint.

Create a DVD photo album for party
Learn how to create your own DVD photo album using PowerPoint

Dozens of memorable photographs come from Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Wedding Party and etc. We touched by the memories. But troubled by how to create a photo album arranging the photos in an apple-pie order, or how to share the photo album in a convenient way?

From now on, with the powerful function of widespread PowerPoint, we easily archive hundreds of our favorite high-resolution photos to create a photo album. After convert PPT to DVD, we throw ourselves in a sofa. Let memorable yesterdays flow out from the big screen TV with a remote in our hand. The bride can send DVD photo album to each of the party goers with a thank you note. The mother can memorialize your baby's first birthday
permanently. Between the food, the guests, and the entertainment, a DVD photo album makes it never to end!

All these can be done in a few minutes. Just use the photo album feature of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Just four mouse clicks to burn the PPT to DVD. Let's start to create a memorable DVD Photo album.
1. On the Insert menu, click Photo Album. And in the drop-down list, click New Photo Album option.

2. Click on the 'File/Disk…' option and choose the photos. Importing multiple pictures at a time is available. You can preview each photo by clicking it in the Picture in album list. Below the preview window, there is a photo editing area. You can use these buttons to adjust the rotation, contrast and brightness of each picture.

3. In the drop-down list of Picture layout, you can choose the layout format you like. And in the drop-down list of Frame Shape, you can choose the frame you want to add to your photos. Click the Browse button. Locate the template in the Choose Theme box that allows you to navigate to the folder where we have stored the downloaded templates. Or you can use the operating system's own theme templates.

4. Clicked Create button. If necessary, click the title placeholder, and then type the title for your photos.

5. If you want to give your album captions, click the Photo Album arrow on the Insert tab. And then click Edit Photo Album. Select Captions below All pictures box, then click Update.

That's how your own PowerPoint photo album got out. Isn't this easy?

Want to store the photo album permanently? Want to share the photo album efficiently? Want to create DVD menus to play on TV with a DVD remote control?

So, let’s convert our valuable photo album to DVD. Try to Google"PPT2DVD" to start the process of burning PPT to DVD easily.

Imagine that you and your family watch the photo album on TV after years, you all bring back the good old days. Imagine that your friends view the photo album DVD disc when you are separated by distance. So, when are you going to create your next DVD photo album? Very soon, I presume, like this happy person--“I love PPT2DVD, I created a Family Reunion album viewed on our TV's for a BBQ we had with several generations of the family. It's fantastic! Work on a bigger one for Christmas this year!”

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