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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Which Photo Editing Software is Best for You?

By: James Kara Murat

Oddly enough, there are a very few top notch photo editing software being offered to the market today. There are many packages offered, but a vast majority is not really worth the dollar regardless of how little they are selling for. Generally $50-99.99 is a rule of thumb to find the best photo editing.

Photo software capabilities

As of July 2007, the top ten photo software packages cover the spectrum of capabilities that an advanced or beginning editor might need. Considering the myriad of capabilities available it would be difficult to address each but, generally, the categories that define these capabilities include:

• Importing

• Editing

• Sharing

• Organizing

• Editing

• Support

• Configurations

While indicating which software package has the best photo editing would be difficult, because all offer the same capability to a degree, it is safe to say that they all do the job adequately. The issue just comes down to which package has the right “feel” for your needs.


The one area where your particular tastes may warrant a closer look is the organizing function. The temptation in digital picture taking is that the photographer snaps a picture of anything that moves, or does not move for that matter. Organization becomes important in this case. Fortunately, all software packages have a browser function so there is some familiarity there, but having a system that works along the way you think is best. Knowing how your mind files items is the key, and each software package offers varying forms. Since each photo editing software package is so similar the issue may just come down to photo paper.

Photo paper

Here again, there are only a few suppliers and each does a good job of producing quality photo paper. The consumer world has a fairly good idea of all the photo paper options available. The consumer also understands that, in the marketplace, they are really just being offered HP photo paper and Epson photo paper. All paper being offered does a fairly good job, although some may fade or turn an unappealing shade of yellow.

Paper options

Regardless of whether an hp photo paper or an Epson photo paper is chosen, paper type is the real choice for the consumer. There are two finish types; glossy or matt. Matt will give a glare resistance factor to the image while a glossy photo finish will see an image “pop” off the paper. Photo paper manufacturers have developed systems that will yield fantastic images and one’s that deal with the past issues of thumb prints and wet ink.

Paper size

Far be it to neglect the consumer that just wants a photo paper 4X6, manufacturers supply both types of paper; glossy and matt for the average photographer. The glossy photo paper is most often chosen for more advanced photo takers while those that just want to hand pictures of the kids around repeatedly will take the matt paper option.

The same but different

Software or pictures, printing has become about as easy as it can get. Each software package is about the same as is the paper. Think simple at the beginning because all the fancy stuff is likely already there and waiting you to get the nerve up to give it a try. The thing is, it’s not all that difficult so pick the one that feels right and go with it.

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