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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Real Estate Photo Editing - Increase Your Chances of Selling Your Home

By: Adolph Paul

Whoever said that the first impression is the last impression got it right. The first visual impressions of prospective real estate buyers can either make or break a deal.

Getting the most attractive photos of your property on your online listing is very important. Hard as one may try, not every photo is perfect. There are some solutions that make it possible to rectify some of the worst pictures and to enhance those that have passed the test. Most problems with photos have simple solutions.

The current housing market is seeing limited buyers for the multitude of homes that are available. The first step towards making a sale is to get a prospective buyer to come visit one’s home. Considering that over 80% of today's buyers do their research online before narrowing down their choice to the few properties that interest them, good photos provide that winning edge to attracting a prospective buyer to a for-sale property. Many companies now provide convenient, online and easy to use professional photo services which provide custom photo editing and enhancement by experienced professionals to help Real Estate sellers.

Photo enhancement service providers can now provide a range of editing services that include under or over exposure correction, reduction or removal of shadows where possible, correction of wide angles, fish eye lens, wide-angle rectilinear lens perspective distortion or making an overcast or grey sky into a blue sky. In addition it is also possible to digitally mow the lawn, remove trashcans, dirty dishes in the sink or any other custom request. All these make a for-sale listing more attractive to buyers and bring out the best features in a property. Such services in the real estate realm are specially designed for enhancing the attractiveness of properties that are put up for sale and showcasing them for better effect.

Most agents have learnt the bitter truth that if the pictures look shoddy or unprofessional, not only are buyers going to find the property unappealing, they’re going to associate the seller with being shoddy and unprofessional, something that is going to make the property less attractive. Online listings can be given a facelift thanks to some great online professional photo editing and enhancement services designed with the real estate seller in mind.

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