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Monday, August 2, 2010

Adobe Photoshop Edit Tricks For Beginners

By: David Peters

AdobePhotoshopis a wonderfulcomputer applicationto learn. Thisis basica;lly;an imageediting;softwareprogramthatwillallow you to edit, alter, and enhanceimages;, suchas photographs.By knowingabout the basictoolsusedin AdobePhotoshop,you willbe wellon yourway in becomingan expert on the programand even makesomemoneyout of it.

WithAdobePhotoshop,you can makeyourphotographs look professionaland becomea freelance photographeror you can even becomea photographydoctor,where you editand enhancephotographs.

However,before you start dreaming of makingmoneyout of AdobePhotoshop,you needto remember thatthereare stillquite a lot of thingsthatyou needto learnabout AdobePhotoshop.As a beginner, here are sometricks;thatwillmakework a lot morefun for you and alsoa lot easier.

The first trickis by turningany colorin to the foreground color. To do this,you needto pressI to activate the eyedroppertool.Then,click on the coloron the image. Thiswillautomaticallyturnthatcolorin to the foreground color. To turnthatin to the backgroundcolor, all you needto do is pressthe ALT key and click on the colorin the image.

Changing the sizeof the brushis alsoan essential part of Photoshop.It is a fact thatchanging the brushsizewillrequireyou stop working, click on the brushtip sizeand reduce or increase the sizeaccordingto yourpreferences.Thisis time consuming.One trickis to simplypressthe rightbracketkey "]" to increase the sizeof the brushtip and the leftbracketkey "[" to decrease it. That\'s how simpleit is.

Also,by knowinghow to activate the movetool withyourkeyboardcan save you a lot of time.To do this,all you needto do is pressletter "V" on yourkeyboard. You can alsouse the keyboardarrowkeysto push the layer or the selectionby 1 pixelincrements.To speedthingsup, just pressthe shiftkey along withthe arrowkey to nudge in 10 pixelincrements.ThisAdobePhotoshoptrickwillhelp you save a lot of time when workingwithPhotoshopespeciallywhen you are workingwithlayers.

Pressingthe TAB buttonon yourkeyboardwillhideall yourpalettes. PressingTAB again willbring them back.Pressingshiftand TAB willhideeverything except the toolbar. Thisis one trickthatwillmakeworkingwithPhotoshopa lot moreconvenient.

Tozoomin and out,you willusually click on the tool and click the mouse.To makeit easier, the keyboardshortcuttrickis to pressCTRLand the plus signon the keyboardto zoomin and CTRLand the minussignto zoomout.

There are quite a lot moreshortcuts;and tricks;in AdobePhotoshop.These are just someof the basictricks;thatwillmakeworkingwithPhotoshopa lot easier.By mastering the tricks;in Photoshop,you willsee thatworkingwiththe softwarewillbe a lot faster and a lot moreconvenient.

Try to read the tutorialsincludedin the Photoshopas this willteachyou about the different tricks;and shortcuts;withAdobePhotoshop.By knowinghow to applythe shortcuts;and tricks;, you can be surethatyou willfindit easier and lessfrustrating when workingwithAdobePhotoshop.

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