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Monday, August 2, 2010

Video Tutorials – a Fast and Efficient Way to Learn Adobe Photoshop

By: Groshan Fabiola

What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning about multimedia software applications with the help of video based training?

Let us start with the advantages. First of all, there is no time constraint, because self study video tutorials can be used at any time you want, in the privacy of your home or elsewhere, they allow accessible learning. You do not have to interrupt any of your activities just to get to class in time. Unlike the traditional way of studying, which is the class format - such as at school or university - video tutorials are available with no time or place limitations. Secondly, unlike teaching yourself by reading a thick textbook, which can be quite confusing at times, you have the opportunity to watch other people perform tasks and put them into practice yourself. Moreover, learning with video tutorials is very time-efficient, and we all know the famous English saying ‘Time is money’. Some people need to improve their technical skills and standards in a timely manner, and what better way to do so than by using the affordable, efficient and fast option that e-learning provides?

As far as the disadvantages of virtual training as far as video tutorials are concerned is the only notable fact that you cannot ask extra questions about a problem or an aspect that you are still not familiar with, which you would be able to do if you were in class, following the presentation of an instructor . However, video tutorials are developed by specialists in the field, and the chances that they may have omitted an important aspect or an answer to your possible questions are very slim. When you feel that you are not completely clear about something, all you have to do is play the tutorials again and look carefully for your answer, which has to be there somewhere.

When you need to learn Adobe Photoshop, or any of the Adobe products really fast, video tutorials are the answer. There are many learning formats available and many virtual training company specialists, but once again video training has turned out to be the best acquisition.

The Adobe Photoshop training videos address beginners and expert users alike. Each of these training videos provides you with timesaving techniques and step-by-step training, which will definitely be useful for graphic designers and video artists who want to use Adobe Photoshop efficiently. Not only do these videos provide Photoshop training, but they also come with inspirational ideas for professional style graphics.

The Adobe Photoshop training videos guide you through each design, from the very first blank canvas all the way to the work of art that you can create. The videos may contain image files so that you can work along with the instructor as you are being taught timesaving and creative techniques. These techniques include adjustment layers, layer sets, alpha channel masking, brush and text techniques, gradient overlay, shearing, and many more.

All in all, it is safe to say that video tutorials in general and Adobe Photoshop training videos in particular are a good combination of minimum effort and maximum impact, as well as a very good choice for those who wish to learn these multimedia applications in a fast and effective manner.

For more resources about adobe photoshop training videos or even about video tutorials please review this page

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For more resources about adobe photoshop training videos or even about video tutorials please review this page

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