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Monday, August 2, 2010

From ordinary photos to extraordinary canvas art

By: Photos On Canvas

First, take a look through all your candid shots. Posed shots are great, but you want a picture that someone will walk into your living room, see the picture to canvas on your wall, and automatically ooh! and ahh! A special “moment in time” shot, such as your kids playing on their jungle gym or the dog with his favorite chew toy will bring new personality to your room. After all, anyone can have a posed portrait of their family, but that particular shot is all yours!

Another great idea is to use older photos, such as a wedding picture taken of your parents or grandparents in sepia tone or black and white. Printing these to canvas will make your one-of-a-kind photo last for a hundred years. Even better, these original gift ideas make fantastic anniversary gifts.

Is your child particularly proud of a picture he or she took? A great art project for your budding photographer is to take a favorite picture and turn this into a photo on canvas. Many kids love to shoot pictures, and making their favorite into a keepsake will be a great conversation piece now and in the future. even offers 2-for-1 specials, so get a copy for yourself as well as your little Ansel Adams!

Hobby pictures are also great for printing on canvas. Are you into cars? Why not take a picture of yourself shining that Mustang you’ve been working on in the garage? Into fly fishing? Someone who loves to ski would look great against the mountains with trees in the background on a photo to canvas. Just look for a picture that you love, and you’ll have a canvas that becomes more than just a snapshot, it will become a keepsake.

There are only two technical issues you’ll want to keep in mind while choosing which photograph to print: focus and eyes. If your original picture is out of focus, there is no way for to make your shot clear. Remember, if your picture is blurry when it’s small, the blurriness will increase as the photo is blown up bigger. So you’ll want to start with a picture that’s crystal clear. The other issue is eyes; if the eyes are shut in the photograph, there’s no way for the graphic artists to make them open, and they will be closed on your canvas.

Our artists can make your colors brighter, remove scratches and red-eye, increase contrast and fix most typical problems. We’re so sure you’ll love our work we offer a 110% money-back guarantee if you’re not thrilled. So send us your favorite picture; we’ll give you art in return!

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