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Monday, August 2, 2010

Top 6 most popular photos printed on canvas

By: Photos On Canvas

Based on the 3 years PhotoArtPeople ( has been printing our customers’ photos on canvas, we have learned a lot about what types of photos people prefer to have enlarged and printed on canvas. For those of you not familiar with what a photo-canvas is, let me explain.

Photos to canvas are a relatively new way to display your favorite photographs. Unlike a standard photo enlargement that is matted and framed, canvas photos are actually printed directly on canvas and stretched over an internal wood frame, ready to hang. At PhotoArt People our artists take your photo and enhance it to make it “canvas-worthy”. The image is then printed on museum quality canvas using a special printer, and sprayed with a protective laminate to make it last 100 years. Finally the canvas is stretched by hand over a wood frame “gallery-wrap” style, meaning the imaged canvas covers the edges to provide a nice finished look. Photo canvas prints make great gifts and are a great way to show off your favorite photos. “Out of the photo album and onto the wall” is what we say.

So what are the most popular types of photos people choose?

  1. Wedding photos – This is the single most popular type of photo we get. Most are professionally posed but we also see informal shots of the happy couple. Great wedding gift idea.
  2. Children – Photos of kids is a close second. These can be portraits or simple snapshots. The snapshots usually make the best canvas prints because they catch the child doing something spontaneous. And the grandparents love to get these as gifts.
  3. Group family photos – This is also a popular type photo, and is usually printed in the larger sizes. Most people like these over the fireplace or in a prominent spot in the living room.
  4. Special events – Graduation, anniversaries, special awards, family reunions – all make great opportunities for canvas prints. People like to memorialize these milestone events with a special photo to capture it for posterity.
  5. Pets - We get a lot of pet photos as well. These make particularly great digital paintings (BrushTouch) because the fur provides a beautiful texture for the artists to work with.
  6. Vacation/Travel – We have received photos taken all over the world. One of my favorites was one taken at Machu Picchu in Peru with a llama in the foreground. Vacation photo-canvases are a great way to rekindle memories from past adventures.

The fact of the matter is that any photo can be transformed into a photo canvas. The most important thing is that it be special to you in some way. At PhotoArt People we can fix most imperfections, but you need to come up with that special photo.

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